Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…


Thirty plus years ago, when my soon-to-be husband and I discussed our wants and dreams for our life together, his list included having a Boxer dog named Rocky and that our first born son had to be named Conan Ross.  I had no experience with the Boxer breed at that time and the naming of our first born son wasn’t something I had a strong feeling about, but I liked dogs so of course I agreed. 


Shortly after our wedding an ad in the local Thrify Nickel caught our attention and we rescued our first Boxer – a 9 month old fawn male that had spent his entire life chained to a 6 foot length of chain attached to a cedar fence. We took pity on his situation and since he didn’t know his name anyway, it was a simple thing to rename him Rocky. He was only with us for 4 years before cancer claimed his life and broke my heart. The photo below is of Rocky and Terra, our second Boxer.





I have taken my knocks in the AKC show world, been taken advantage of by supposidly reputable breeders, and experienced the heart break of loosing an absolutely georgous and expensive dog to health issues that resulted from poor breeding. As a result of these experiences I have a great deal of empathy for those who are struggling to get started in the world of raising purebred Boxer dogs.


For those who are sincere and eager to learn, I am generally more than willing to share my accumulated knowledge and experience. In return I have benefited from not only the friendship of a like minded breeder, but also shared their success as well.  Nothing is more satisfying than getting a call from someone I have helped along the way, just to hear them tell me about the arrival of their latest litter or purchase of a new dog intended to improve their next generation of the breed.  Sometimes these relationships lead to a partnership where we both improve our breeding efforts thru the sharing of resources, like stud dogs or  trading puppies or even helping each other deal with difficult dogs.  My willingness to take in a difficult dog led to the addition of Miya to our home, and she in turn has provided a foundation for a new generation of excellence. The photo below was taken when Miya completed her title as an International Champion.


 Int. Ch. Chasing Your Dreams Miya v Holland




What will tomorrow bring?  Who knows?  What I do know is that each generation of puppies has gotten better than the last and the upcoming generation is showing tons of promise.  There are dog related activities that I have wanted to pursue for many years, but have often had to put those desires on hold in order to raise our family.  I look forward to the time when I have the opportunity to pick up those dreams again and focus on things like agility titles, advanced obedience work, perhaps even a few more International titles along the way. All of that sounds like so much fun! 


But no matter what tomorrow brings – I will get by knowing that I have a house full of some of the most beautiful, intelligent, intuitive and loving dogs I have ever produced and life will never be dull and I will never know the meaning of the word "lonely" as long as there is a Boxer or two (or three!)  at my side.  These photos are of a couple from our up and coming generation. Look for more information on Miya’s daughter "River" and Capone’s son "Dante" on "The Gang" tab.


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B4’s Mystic Riverwind





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