Inquiring minds want to know…

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for their kind words on our new site. It is a work in progress, but very soon now I will be providing a series of articles that answer some of the most frequent questions I get asked by new puppy owners as well as other bits of information that I think might be helpful to my readers.

One of the areas that I want to give special attention to is the question of “How do I afford my ‘Boxer habit’?”

I currently have 10 adults and 5 new puppies in my house and the care and feeding of this many dogs is definitely a challenge at times and while it is true that one of the ways I provide for them all is of course via the sale of quality Boxer Puppies and Stud service to approved bitches, in reality those activities alone are inadequate to the task. I just don’t produce enough puppies to pay the day to day bills, much less turn a profit.

So where does that leave me? Well, like so many other pet lovers, I have looked for other ways to earn income from my dogs. If you take a look around this site you can see a few of them. I run ads for training programs and other dog related products, I do training classes for youth groups and neighbors, anything I can find to do.

Sharing this and other similar information with you, my fellow dog lover, I hope to help you find creative ways to afford your own “dog habit”. Keep watch for my next post of “Inquiring minds want to know…pt 2” where I will share other ideas that I have either heard of, done in the past, or currently use to keep a profitable home based business alive and well and centered around a subject I love so well…my Boxers!