We are welcoming a new family member…

Isn’t she adorable? Fast forward almost three years and you will have this…

Pretty awesome, huh?

Due to a series of unfortunate conflicts between the female residents at her home in Loveland Cincinnatti, it has been decided that it is in Miya’s best interest to re-home her with us and we are more than happy to welcome her with open arms.

Already in residence are two full siblings and one half sibling and we couldn’t be happier to add one more! The incredible puppies that have come from this cross are well worth doubling up on and since Xoey (the mother of them all) is due to be retired soon, there won’t be any more where these came from.

Please join with us to welcome Miya to the household and offer a very grateful THANK YOU to Sandra Dunn at Dunnford Boxers for choosing us as the new home of her precious Miya.

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  1. Miya arrived late Saturday night, and after a short adjustment time, she has settled in and made herself quite at home. Beau is her favorite playmate and our 4 year old daughter is her favorite person.