Boxella sired boxer puppies are available!

December 2, 2008 - Announcements

It has taken some time to decide who stays and who goes, but we have finally decided that Storm will be the lucky pup who gets to stay with us and the others are now available for sale.

It took no time at all for people to speak for Glory and Luna so that leaves Nimbus, Breezy and little Wisp available as of today, December 1st.

Remember, this litter’s pedigree showcases some of the top winning dogs ever produced by the famous Boxella Kennels and include such notables as Ch. Boxella’s Masterkey, and Ch. Boxella’s Mario Valentino, who by the way, just recently passed away only 3 months shy of his 15th birthday! 

When you add the infusion of European blood from the mother’s side, who features the Boksdoorn Kennels from Belgium and del Colle dell’Infinito from Italy along with her own dose of prominant Boxella dogs, and you can see that there is great potential growing in these little babies.

Puppies will not be ready to go to their new homes until the week before Christmas at the earliest.

If you like the sire’s ears, then you are going to want me to schedule an ear crop to be done by my wonderful, and very talented Veterinarian and yes, I pass on my breeder’s discount for the surgery.

Don’t forget that payment arraingments are available as well as the option to use credit cards.

Happy Holidays!