Is that a Boston Terrier puppy?

Let’s play “Where’s Trill?”  If you look closely at the photo below, you will see snuggled in among all the Boxer puppies, one tiny Boston Terrier puppy.  That is “Trill”, so named due to the funny “trilling” noise she makes when she talks to us.  Little Trill was a lonely only, and at 3 weeks of age her mother said “I’m done!”

The poor little thing was headed for the local psych ward for dogs suffering from separation anxiety when I got a call that asked…”Do you want a Boston Terrier?”

Well, it just so happens that I have always liked Bostons, and I have been considering adding a small breed to our kennel and Bostons are one of the breeds I have been considering, so of course I said, “Sure, I’ll take her and foster her with my litter of Boxer babies – they are the same age after all!”

Now, 3 weeks later, Trill believes herself to be just another Boxer and Miya is her reason for living.  We are working on that, but since Miya let her nurse right along with her own pups, this little girl is sure that Miya is the only mother she has ever had.

Everybody is weaned now, but Trill still loves Miya with a passion and will go to great extremes to get to her whenever possible.  At least she is now a bit more self assured and doesn’t become a howling, yeowling, terrified little puppy whenever she is removed from her “litter mates”.

What is Trill’s future here at B4 Boxers?  Well, for now she is learning who is the boss (me of course) and what it means to be a little dog in a house full of rather large feet.  Next fall she will become a 4H dog for my youngest daughter and who knows, maybe someday, the start of our venture into the world of breeding Boston Terriers.  Stay Tuned!